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Basically every male Idol Group needs:


A multi-talented, well trained, caring Leader


A Rapper with explosive charisma and lyrics


A Lead Vocalist that has hidden talents (and acts like the maknae)image

A Main Dancer/Visual that pumps up the audience


A mature yet hilarious Maknae that has amazing variety skills


which equals THIS


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BIGBANG’S Dorkiness ♡
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For the second time around (posting this pic)… 
it’s OK if you’re gonna tell me I’m a delusional I will accept it but I’m HAPPY about this  (.^_^)

Uhmmmm…THE HANDS? haha…
posting it again.
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140415 Dara’s Twitter Update:
"GD&TOP..?!? No~ It’s GD&San ! while waiting for the next stage at Osaka FamCon, with Jiyongie~ ^_^"
translated by: @ShrimpLJY

Doom-Daragon! ^^
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My OT4. ❤️❤️❤️ 2NE1 AON Shanghai